Monday, June 05, 2006

A bit of a hiatus....

Jude Christodal: He goes by just Jude, and he's remarkable. He put out two records on Elektra, but I really highly doubt anybody knows who he is. He played with a bunch of noteworthy top 40 acts, and played a ton of festivals. He has a very high vocal delivery and for that reason alone you may not dig him, but his music is remarkable and he writes some very clever lyrical pieces. These days he's faded into obscurity and last I heard he was living in France. His website is, and his latest CD is available at CDBaby. Highly, highly recommended.

Keni Thomas: He was featured on CNN because he's a soldier that came back to America after fighting in the Middle East and cut a country-rock record. It's more for mainstream country fans but it has a lot of rock heart. All of his songs are patriotic and often based on his time in Iraq. There is a lot of solidarity for his troops and just a real honest sound. It's nothing to blow you away, but I don't see whyit shouldn't be on radio. Enjoy :)

Adam Ezra: Sometimes he reminds me of Ryan Shupe, the bluegrass singer, and other times he's just a simple, gentle folksinger with careful, delicate melodies and nice, tranquil songs. Adam Ezra is the kind of musician I want playing in the background while I'm on a really pleasant summer date.

Joy Zipper: I'm hesitant to include this band because they are on a major label and are generating a buzz but aside from the folks at Insound nobody I've spoken to about this band has known them so they're making the blog :) This is light, ethereal, electronic, keyboard, synth based stuff. Very prog, very early 80's, sunny, beachy pop that draws on both the Beach Boys and British tones. It's very hypnotizing and intoxicating. They are huge in the UK, which often doesnt translate into big sucess here. But ya know, then there was Keane. This music is no Keane but they do have good melodies and some sing-a-long, memorable choruses. A gamble, but a very worthwhile one.

Panoramic Blue: This band rocks. Flat out. Straight forward power-pop. They have a song called Thing For Me that was a demo that didn't even make it big. It was just a song that they recorded and it never even made it onto a record and yet the song was better than half the stuff on the radio. I have not uncovered a bad song by this band. They are flat out exceptional. Do yourself a favor and get into them. Just wow, so good.

Sherry Austin: She has an old time feel to her. It's just delicate folk, singer/songwriter. She has a pretty voice, but I'm more in love with her arrangements and her lyrics. It also reminds me of the stuff that you heard during Dawson's Creek. Whether or not that entices you, I don't know, but between you and me, I thought they picked some great music on that show.

Sam Fisher: He used to front the Carolina pop/rock outfit Weekend Excursion which sold out just about every Carolina venue. Nowadays he's on his own, though he once had a backing band called Mercury Blue. His debut album People Living is available in stores nationwide on a tiny label called Namavi. There are times his voice leaves a bit to be desired but there are other times he truly proves his mettle. The guy is a showman and loves to entertain. I swear he never dissapoints. An awesome combination of blues, r and b, gospel, soul, rock and funk, Sam Fisher is a revelation. There need to be more like him in this world, but then again maybe we're lucky there is only one. He could blow up, so get it before it becomes huge.

Bill Deasy: Former lead singer of Pittsburgh's The Gathering Field who put out a remarkable album Lost in America on Atlantic Records in the late 90's. I personally thought The Gathering Field would be the next Counting Crows but that never happen. Bill is 3 albums into a solo career, and works as a songwriter in Nashville and other locales. Based out of Pittsburg he plays the East Coast every now and then. He has a slight rasp to his voice and other times its dry and breathy. Very easy to listen to, and very warm and welcoming. His music is heavy on simple, gentle Van Morrison based melodies. Definitely a cool singer.

Stir: They had a CD Holy Dogs that was produced by Howard Benson and came out on Columbia. Holy Dogs is a really great disc of modern rock, with a bit of a spacey, ethereal, machinist sound. There are some amazing songs on this CD and because of it I am a big fan. Based in St. Louis I don't see them tour too often but I know they are still making music. Their lead singer has the kind of vocal delivery that will grab you and beg you to listen. I promise you won't be dissapointed. This band is definitely worth recommending and playing for others.

Swinging Mechanics: This is old time, down home, bluegrass straight from O Brother Where Art Thou or something even more hokey than that. It's freaking good, but you have to have an ear and an appreciation for this stuff. Definitely not for everyone.

Woodswork: Oh man, I love this band. DC based. Violin, chick vocals, and an amazingly captivating male vocalist. This guy has an amazing voice. Wow. Dude. Wow. It's roots based music. They had an EP produced by Ted Comerford of Melbourne (mentioned in an earlier post) and as always he has a magic touch. The two notable songs on that EP were Queen of the Tides and Main Street. Their other song For What It's Worth is gorgeous. I wish this band would tour more I'd love to see them one day. Amazing stuff.

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