Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I forgot my iPod.

Forgot my iPod at work today so I am just going to throw in a few musical suggestions for today. They are probably 3 of the most recommended musicians (unknown) in my personal catalog.

Brian Wiltsey: An Atlanta singer/songwriter whose vocal range knows no limits, Wiltsey also has a knack for holding a note longer than I've ever seen most male performers. A very versatile tunesmith who can write a jazzy ditty-----Seems Like Nothing off his full-band debut Ghost on the Outside----to a more sweeping grandiose song----Come My Way off of his sophomore release Mind's Made Up. His latest disc, Rain and Flies, packs a ton of punch and is flawlessly produced. The disc is so high caliber Train keyboardist Brandon Bush lent his talents, and it's his smorgasboard of piano-based instruments that is the album's highpoint. Armed with a cornucopia of both soul wrenching and moody ballads, as well as fierce, in-your-face rockers, Wiltsey is a goldmine waiting to be discovered. To top it all off, Wiltsey is one of the most engaging, charismatic and dynamic solo performers in Atlanta. An absolute must listen! If he ever plays near your city, do yourself a favor and see him. You will not, I repeat, will not be dissapointed.

Weather: A band virtually unknown outside of their home base of Seattle. Weather features crisp, rich vocals and layered guitar and keys. I swear this band feels like they are straight from the UK, but actually originally hail from Salt Lake City. Why this band hasn't gotten more acclaim or attention is beyond my mind's grasp ,but their disc "Calling Up My Bad Side" is hands down one of the best releases of 2005. Do yourself a favor and pick it up. I absolutely gaurantee you will not be dissapointed. Heck you'll probably thank me. A truly amazing band.

Randy Coleman: The one time frontman for Zoo Story, who had about a half-second's glory with a major label, Coleman wrote the song Star which is featured in the end credits to the film Dragonfly. Bad movie, yes, but amazing song. One listen to Star and you will want to know more. After Zoo Story folded, Coleman went to work and put out an acoustic disc entitled the Snake Sessions, named after manager Snake Sabo helped him with the disc. Coleman's solo debut Last Salutation is a gentle disc with spartan arrangements (mostly acoustic guitar, some bass and drum, a few keys) though it does rock and sway in a few places. Much like Wiltsey Coleman's range is far reaching and his dnyamic live show make him a must see. His song Hey God was featured on the Crash soundtrack and rumors are abuzzing that a major label may be in his feature. Keep your eyes and ears out for this name, I expect big big things in the next couple years.

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