Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Jason Scavone and the Noises Ten: Total power pop, sugary in some spots, snappy in others. He is a very confident vocalist and his music echoes that with a total swagger. The songs sometimes have herky-jerky rhythms. Reminds me a bit of Jason Falkner and that kinda sound. Good stuff. Totally doesnt feel like stuff from Charlotte, NC. Feels more New York City, or LA to me. He'll remind you of a bunch of different artists and bands to be honest. The music is very familiar. Good stuff though. Definitely an up-and-comer. I'm a huge fan of his song Miss You. Everyday is a good example of his pop-rock stylings.

The Big Creak: Very confident vocals, remind me of Verve Pipe and Billy Joel. If you can imagine that. Their music is very polished, kinda college-rock format, but very accessible pop/rock. Many people should dig it. Fun music. Their licks, and choruses actually are as big as Maroon 5 and this band kinda has that bend to them. They could definitely become as big as them, if people keep listening and spread the word. So start now!!!

Blue Island Tribe: This is very well done reggae, OAR with more edges. Definitely good hooks, feels like it came from a frat house and the islands. Fun music, definitely makes you want to sway, and shake and dance.

Aaron Booth: Singer/songwriter folk that can turn indie rock at times. Just gentle, sweet music. His song When She Appeared is a perfect example of that. I think in both music, lyrics and tone it's one of the sweeter love songs around. Just a total beautiful aww song. It should also be noted that When She Appeared is a few years old and is not one of Aaron's newer song. However, the song and his music sounds like a soundtrack to a movie song. It's a song (and his songs) are suited for a long walk home in the rain, after getting a first kiss. And that is the best way I can describe Aaron Booth's music.

Christopher Dallman: He has the John Mayer style of vocals, a bit more richer and fuller though. Actually he sounds more like Jason Mraz, especially on his song Mistake. His song Over My Head is more Mayer-ish but still more rich and fuller. I think personally Over My Head is one of the prettier songs out there. Really just a beautiful song. It takes a bunch of talent to write such a beautiful song. Hope you all get to listen to it. The guy is from NY and relocated to LA. Probably one of my favorite unknown singer/songwriters in the US right now. I think he has a chance of landing it on radio but he needs your help. Listen, hit up his website, buy his album, and check out his myspace. Christopher Dallman. Hell yeah!!!

Colonel Rhodes: Beautiful harmonies. Shared male-vocals. It's a bit alt-country, AAA, folkie, but it's good music. It's pretty. Very chill music. Reminds me a bit of the band Dolly Varden, at least the shared vocals, and the movement, plus their female singer has a voice similar to Diane Christensen. At least to me. Their song In the Movies is very good.

Courtney Jaye: She's on a major label (which technically goes against the blog's rules) and yet I dont think she's even got people whispering. I have only seen two reviews of her CD, and saw the good press Tower Records had on it, but other than that, I haven't heard anything. Haven't seen her touring anywhere, no real buzz press, no radio stations, TV or anything, and yet she's remarkable. Her music is awesome., check it out and get into it.

Creede Williams: This guy is the coolest. Refreshing, captivating voice. Good lyrics, awesome and I mean awesome choruses, very catchy guitarwork, danceable grooves. Why is he not on radio? Who the hell knows. This music is amazing. Check it out and fall in love.

David Mead: He has put out 5 albums, some on major labels, some not, some are stripped down, others feature glossy production, but the point is this David Mead puts out some of the best singer/songwriter records being made in the last 10 years. he has a bit of a high voice, but his lyrics, music, choruses and instrumentation are second to none. I haven't even bought his last two, it's so hard to keep up with him, he's just so prolific. A New Yorker, lived in Syosset, moved to Nashville, opened up for John Mayer in spring 2001, and is just as fabulous as they come. An absolutely awesome guy, and just terrific music. I promise if you download his music you'll hear at least 6 or 7 songs that will rock your world and move your soul. Notables: "Indiana, Comfort, Flaming Angel, Girl on the Roof"

Greg Fine: New york based singer/songwriter that has worlds of potential. A booming soulful voice that is immediately captivating, a great songwriter and a great live performer. His EP Profile came out in 2003 and was an auspicious beginning.

Doyle Bramhall: Classic blues guitarist from Texas. Rollicking good fun. If you're into this stuff, you'll really dig it. If you're not into it, Doyle may convert you into a fan. It's truly awesome music. His CD Fitchburg Street was pretty top notch.

Five-Eight: They sound very familiar, but I know they aren't. Its modern pop/rock with a bit of an original flare. Highly recommended.

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Hey there- came across your blog while googling for Creede Williams. You turned me onto some very great bands on this list. Hopefully you have Creede's new record....breathtakingly good. Worth the money.