Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mieka Pauley. Really awesome music, she's got a good voice, and a lot of grit. She reminds me a bit of that girl that song "What I Got" but that might be a stretch, download her song and see if you like it, if you don't, move on. Personally I think she's remarkable. I hope she gets big. Just really awesome lyrics, great songwriting musically, and just a really nice voice. A lot better than the other girls. She's definitely more of a girl than Avril Lavigne and yet somehow she got big. Now Mieka sounds nothing like Mieka, I'm just saying I'd rather see her in the spotlight than that Canadian punk) http://www.mieka.com

Tamara Bedricky. She sounds a bit like Mieka, but her music is a bit more rocking. She sounds like she'd be great live, and I definitely feel her music. She's got a good vibe, and what a cool name. Personally, she's probably an album away from landing on a major label. I suppose Jennifer Knapp is a pretty good comparison, as far as music, maybe not in voice, but in music. :) http://www.tamarabedricky.com

Builder. I could probably talk up this band until my face turns blue. Their lead singer has this serpentine, snake-like voice that crawls along and glides on every note and it's really remarkable. I dont know, it's just incredible. Their music is ambient, and gorgeous, and they just really know what they are doing. I think they are a side project and are based in the Midwest, so the chances of me seeing them are slim to none, but oh my gosh people, listen. Their song If I Care About Anything was my favorite song of 2004, and as a lyrical love song, it's remarkable. I dont know if there were many much better than it. I dont think everyone will take to this music, but I think those that do will realize they are listening to something special. http://www.buildermusic.com

The Why Store. This band hails from Indiana, my Mom's home state, so immediately they rock. But more seriously they are an extremely talented band. Displaying both 6 and 12 string guitars and heartland based rock. They are sometimes placed into the jam-band crew, but they are more roots-rock, Americana. They put out a few CD's on a major label and they were top notch. Their lead singer has an extremely deep, husky, smoky, throaty voice, Tom Waits but a step down. It's incredible music and I wish them only the best of success. A friend of mine from high school was into them and it blew my mind. I had no idea anybody but me knew this band. If you've heard of them feel to drop me a line on AIM: gh0421, or via email: Robber81@yahoo.com I'd love to talk about this band in depth. http://www.thewhystore.com

Wheat. This band is no longer, and this probably the biggest shame in the music business in the past few years. Wheat was immensely talented in both lyrics, stage presence, writing hooks, and songwriting. Their second Per Second, Per Second, Per Second Every Second was the best album of 2003 and it barely made a dent in anyone's radar screen. I advise anybody that reads this to pick up this CD. If you do not like it, you can send me spam mail until the year 2007. But this CD rocks in all the right places, is soft and gentle when it needs to be and is an absolute delight. They are missed every day. http://www.wheatmusic.com

Nic Armstrong. Judging by the success of the White Stripes, Hard-Fi, We Are Scientists, The Bravery, and The Strokes, people should love Nic Armstrong. This song is abrasive, thrashy, classic sounding, and just incredible. I don't really get into this whole garagey, gritty thing and yet his song If We Can't Escape My Pretty kicks my ass it's so good. Definitely check out his music. It has a total 70's vintage thing going on, it even emulates some Beatles stuff, some Doors stuff. It's really incredible. Of all the bands listed today in the blog, I think Nic Armstrong will go over quite well. Man he makes me want to dance. http://www.nicarmstrong.com

Maia Sharp. She's sort of already known but mostly by critics and industry bigwigs. Well maybe some AAA radio people know here. She has a gorgeous voice and Bonnie Raitt calls her the best singer/songwriter of the female variety out there. Edwin McCain (my musical hero) is really close with her and they have written a bunch of songs together. She's Nashville based and has written tons of songs with plenty of other artists. Her latest album features the song A Home that the Dixie Chicks made the title track of their last album. Maia was the songwriter and if you want to hear the song how it was supposed to be then check out her album. Her song Understudies is my favorites from her last album, self-titled. Anyways, she's a big deal, and you can check her out for more info. http://www.maiasharp.com

The Argument. They just broke up. A piano-based quarter from West Virginia that made waves up and down the East Coast. Just pure straight up fun rock. They were immensely talented at writing hooks, harmonies, and melodies. Some amazing choruses, some funny, witty and insightful lyrics. An amazing live band that had real confidence and a real swagger. A bit cocky yes but extremely sincere, and a real shame that they broke up. Their website should be up for a bit longer if you want to check out some of their tunes. My guess is all of them will do different musical projects and I endorse you all to check them out. This band could have definitely gone places. A band that could have had the appeal of The Fray, although their sound is nowhere similar with the exception of the piano base. http://www.theargument.net

Shearwater. This guy has the voice of an angel. Really he does. It's so fragile and innocent. You cant help but feel for him. Immensely talented. Really great songs. Quiet as a whisper and then build into a symphony. It's very ambient, ethereal stuff, you really gotta be in the mood for it. I'm pretty into it though. Definitely think he is something else. St. Mary's Walk is a good example of his stuff. Definitely a quality song.) http://www.shearwatermusic.com/

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