Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I have returned!

After almost 3 months off, I am back with my first post. Unfortunately I'm pressed for time so not many bands to report.

Zox. http://www.zoxmusic.com I just got into this band. There's a lot to like. Compelling lyrics, a great vocalist, and very dance-able grooves. The sticker on the CD said for fans of Guster Jack Johnson and Sublime. I think they move into Guster-Sublime territory more than anything. Their single is the song Don't Look Down. I also recommend Anything But Fine, and the last track Waiting. They are on SideOneDummy, a small independent label that does well for itself. They are huge in Providence (their home base) and New England. They have a chance to make waves. If you want to see them before they make a dent, I'd recommend seeing them soon.

Cele De: http://www.myspace.com/celede. Celtic, roots-pop rock from San Jose. It's female fronted and Christian, and it has a heavy folk feel to it. It's a few steps off from the vibe Ceili Rain was trying to achieve but who knows what the future holds. A very pleasant, very likeable band. Even if they don't make the radio charts, it's music that will put your soul in the place it needs to be. Who can argue with that!?

New Atlantic: http://www.newatlanticrock.com I'll give the credit to my brother on this one. Two summers ago he told me that this band owned the stage at the Empress Ballroom and exuded a confidence he hadn't seen in a long time. I've seen it for myself twice, and I've been extremely impressed. It doesn't hurt that the music is a Lemonheads, jangle-pop that should find it's way to radio stations in the very near future. Armed with a sparkling new EP and an extremely focused, and cohesive live set the sky is the limit.

Mariday: http://www.mariday.com Two girls from Upstate New York. One used to be in the band Jinxed, which got a bit of acclaim here and there. This is pretty, quiet coffeeshop music. Lead singer Kristen Reilly has an awesome voice, and the tandem really puts together songs that are worth listening to. They're brand spanking new (first live show was this past weekend) and ultra-talented. Their debut comes out in 2007.

HyJinx: http://www.hyjinx.org Ok so the name is a bit corny/cheezy. If you look past that for a minute you will find a pop/rock/funk/jazz/soul/jam band with an ultra-talented horn section, an extremely talented vocalist in the soulful Southern rock style. This bands tours all the time, and for now is limited to the Northeast, but hopefully soon something far reaching. With a tireless work ethic and a commanding live presence, it's a band name worth remembering. Even if it is a little silly.

Alright, only five today. Gotta work my way back into it. Hope to put a good ten or so together for the next entry. Until then............


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