Saturday, July 08, 2006

Brad Yoder: I really like his stuff. His song Watching You Sleep isso pretty I get teary listening to it. He has such an honest voice, and just gives off this guy-next-door vibe. I really hope I get aa chance to see him live. Really good stuff.

Dan Bern: Ohhhhhhh Dan Bern. This guy is just a nut. His voice is like that of Bob Dylan's. You have to warm up to it, that's for sure. However, once you get past that you're really going to love this guy. On his debut record he wrote a song about his penis and used the metaphor of Tiger Woods, the golfer. On his CD New American Highway he rips on everything that makes America the country that it is. One of his more recent efforts include a CD on contemporaryAmerican politics that includes--you guessed it----plenty of knocks on President Bush and enough humor to keep Jerry Seinfeld in stitches. This guy is worth your time.

Sherrie Austin: Not to be confused with Sherry Austin, who has already appeared in this blog. She is from Australia and had a few country hits back in the day with her album Love in the Real World. Aside from being cute as a button she writes some really fun country-rock songs that will appeal to the rock fan or the country fan in all of us.

Jeff Coffey: Simple, fun pop. This stuff is no more original than a lot of the stuff you hear on the radio, but it's pulled off so effortlessly, I think this guy could write pop hits in his sleep. Bouncy, charming and tons of fun, Jeff Coffey is the kind of singer that puts a smile on your face and keeps you feeling good about the state of music these days.

Troy Young Campbell: Good stuff from a Texas singer/songwriter that should be all over AAA radio. Heck he may even be and I don't know it. He's made a ton of records and is by no means a newbie to the business. He writes songs that make you think and if you give him a few listens, you'll see what I mean.

Alli Collis: I tend to be tough on which chick singers I listen to. This one definitely gets my vote. She writes songs that are bold and original and sings about stuff a lot of people don't sing about. Or at least takes angles most people don't. It's acoustic-based, coffeehouse kind of stuff, but it's definitely delicious to the ears.

Ben Eyler: He sounds like a well-traveled troubador, and in some parts he is, but he is definitely still a youngster. For some reason his music reminds me of a movie soundtrack. This is folk music at it's finest, and gorgeous acoustic-based ballads.Good stuff. Very good stuff.

Complete Circle: This stuff is bluesy and guitar heavy. It's worth listening to if you appreciate the sound of a smoking, blistering electric guitar. They bring the rock back to rock n' roll, and bring new meanings to the word blues. They should be more popular than they are.

Wayne Fishell: His Band-Aid Love Song may be a bit schmaltzy, but it's a pretty song and it's worth listening to. I think he still has a lot of work left to do before he's incredible, but I dig his stuff and I think some of you will too.

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