Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Movies with Heroes: Ok, so they are technically an "emo" band and I wasn't supposed to write about these kind of bands in here. The fact of the matter is these boys bring the rock. This stuff is melodic and radio-friendly. Best part is these guys haven't even made it big yet. I'm sure that will change in due time. For fans of Jimmy Eat World, and the like. Definitely a band more people should be listening to. http://www.movieswithheroes.com/

Shelby: Oh my word is this band good. This is U2 like rock. Anthemic, epic and ass-kicking. My guess is this band would be bigger if they were in a smaller city. Being a good band in New York is like being a pigeon in New York. So much of one thing makes it hard for something to stand out. I imagine it will be a little while before this band ever breaks the ranks, but so what? It's freaking great music. And when I say freaking great, I mean some of the best music being made on the planet in 2007. Period. End of story. shelbynyc.com

Vega4: This band has hit-maker written all over them. They are a Snow Patrol clone but that's not a bad thing. They actually closely resemble the band Rubyhorse if anybody remembers them. I saw them live recently and oh man were they entertaining. Lead singer doesn't really do much up on stage but he does have an incredible voice. The lyrics are lacking on some songs but man are the hooks top notch. They feature a drummer from Canada, guitar player from New Zealand, and a bassist and singer from Ireland. What's not to like!? http://www.vega4.com/

Ok three for now. I'll write more later. Just had to get those ones up and out.

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