Wednesday, January 17, 2007

First post of the new year....

Been a long time since my last installment and for that I apologize. Got caught up with the holiday craziness and soem family/personal issues. With that being said, here's four artists to tide you over until I get some more time to put others in this thing.

Blue Moonshine: Stringy, folky, twangy bluegrass-folk/pop from Southwestern Virginia. Guitar player Will Farmer really shines and vocalist Phil Norman has a voice you don't hear too often in the genre. Moreover, mandolin player Warren Amberson I'm told has recorded with bluegrass greats Tony Rice and the late Vassar Clements. ( At the core, Blue Moonshine is earnest, sincere, and emotive. If they take a trip on down to Spindale, NC and play for the folks at WNCW, Blue Moonshine just may be on their way to bluegrass fame.

Danny Rocco: Though he's known more for his guitarwork in up-and-coming Long Island band Show Me Action, Rocco is a firestorm of talent. For proof check out his myspace page ( With lungs full of confidence, and a powerful vocal delivery Rocco's pop/rock gems could easily sit alongside a shelf with Third Eye Blind and the All American Rejects. Definitely a name to watch. The fact that he's only 18 and just a college freshman should be setting off the sirens for A & R reps everywhere.

My Favorite Episode: Emo-ish, indie/folk rock from New Jersey. Lead vocalist Colin (last name escapes me) has good vocal range and a knack for melody. The band seems to be making all the right strides in terms of progress, as their latest work trumps their more raw prior work. The band should be touring around the Northeast in the spring and summer and I do think for a bar or coffeehouse gig they are worth the time. This stuff isn't going to make radio anytime soon but I wouldn't put it past the band to see a grass-roots following.

Dominique A: Dominique Ane, or Dominique A is an incredible musician. His CD "Auguri" came out in 2001 and was probably one of the best discs I heard all year. Nevermind that he speaks French and there is nary an English word on the CD, his music and his style is hard to hate and I truly was blown away by the "Auguri disc" One minute he is dark and engrossing with thick, penetrating guitars. The next minute he is vibrant, and airy. Truly an accomplished singer he is someone worth adding to your iPod shuffle.

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